West Tennessee Nurse Practitioners Alliance

Full Practice Authority in TN

Posted over 3 years ago by Jessica Stanfill

What can you do? As you all know, this is an election year and thus the more critical it is to contact legislators about Full Practice Authority for Advanced Practice Nurses in Tennessee. There are more nurses in Tennessee than physicians, so they need to hear from us!

For example, our sponsors are Senator Becky Massey and Representative JoAnne Favors. Rep. Favors said that she had not been contacted by any APRNs this summer. Email our sponsors and thank them for their support. They need to know that all APRNs want and need this bill to pass.  Also, we need co-sponsors for our bill, so you need to contact your local legislators and encourage other APRNs and patients to contact their legislators.

Email, write letters, call or meet! It is all effective. The talking points you need make should focus on access, quality, and cost. Don't make it about "you" or "how it will benefit you". It is about what is BEST for our patients and their healthcare. Also, make it personal. Patient stories make an impact.

Your 5 minute task this week: Email and thank Sen. Massey and Rep. Favors for their support of FPA in TN.

Senator Becky Massey: sen.becky.massey@capitol.tn.gov

Representative JoAnne Favors: rep.joanne.favors@capitol.tn.gov