West Tennessee Nurse Practitioners Alliance

Cancelled - Nurses Walk for Wellness

Posted over 3 years ago by Michelle Baldwin

After much deliberation, we have decided to CANCEL the Nurses Walk for Wellness this year. This is due to a number of contributing factors. Some of the results of our discussion and deliberation follow:

  1. One goal for the event includes educating the public regarding the contributions of nurses. Most importantly, this year we are focusing on the Full Practice Authority (FPA) for APRN practice.
  2. Another goal is to raise money for scholarships for nurses pursuing advanced education in a nurse practitioner program.
  3. Our members have a multitude of responsibilities and are unable to devote a great numbers of hours to organizing a large community event on the heels of the very successful education symposium.

We determined that this year, in particular, it would be wise to focus our efforts on preparation for the legislative session this year.

Instead of holding our own event, we would like to participate in (1) having a booth at at least 2 other large community events, where we can hand out literature and information to the public. We will also, (2) invite legislators to our November meeting to have focused conversation with them regarding the FPA effort.

We are looking to raise funds for scholarships by organizing another educational opportunity in Spring 2015.

We need EVERY member to participate in these focused events! Most importantly, we need EVERY member to ATTEND the NOVEMBER MEETING with LEGISLATORS! Please put this on your calendar now - Thursday, November 12, 2015.

Minutes for the Quarterly Meeting this Saturday will be posted on the website for your review.  Feel free to contact any of the officers to give your input!